Eastcolight DIY Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Fossil Model Educational Toy


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Eastcolight DIY Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Fossil  Model Educational Toy

Item No.: 28207
Recommended Age: 8+
1.Bone pieces *13 
2.Base *1 
3.Supporting holder *1
4.Supporting pin *3 
5.Name card *1
Dino Facts:
Name: Tyrannosaurus
Time Period of Existence: Cretaceiys Period (65 million years ago)
Height: About 4.0 metres(13.1 feet)
Length: About 12.8 metres (42 feet)
Weight: About 7000kg
Eating Habits: Carnivore; other animals
Environment / Home: USA, Canada
5 Interesting Facts:
Name means tyrant lizard
Walked on 2 feet (bipedal)
Very large skull
Immensely strong jaws which could easily rip apart a carcass
Good vision and strong sense of smell have made it a very effective predator

It an educational toys for children to Luminous Dragon Fossil production.
Do it referring to pictures step by step.
A detailed instructions in English for you following the package.
The kit is suitable for children, they can improve their mind, observing ability and thinking ability, bring them the interest in starting to explore the physics and nature.

Note:Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Read the instructions before use,follow them and keep them ready for reference.

Package Included:
1 X Tyrannosaurus Skeleton 

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