Electric DIY Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine Spun Sugar Processor


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Description :  

Electric DIY Cotton Candy Floss Maker Machine Spun Sugar Processor Best Gift For Children

Do you still remember when you a child, a sample DIY candy is your most favor ?
Yes, banggood don't have a time machine, but we have this SKU to help you taste the sweet memory again 🙂

The popurlar Cotton Candy Maker from brand Pink Bunny, especially for the children and lovers, quite effedtive and quality, safe food grade materia, convenient countertop design,
electric household without oil, it will bringing carnival flavor and fun to your home, let your famillies enjoy the delicious of candy.

What's more, there is a extra spoon for specially scooping out the sugar by yourself, it can spin sugar into delicious candy floss in minutes, and very easy to use and clean, you can also teach your children to use it so that enjoying the DIY Cotton Candy.

It also can be widely used to whip up some old-fashioned fun at your next party,  building a healthy and tasty snack for the whole family 🙂
Specification :

Power : <600W
Capacity : <1L
Brand name : Pink Bunny
Product name : White DIY Cotton Candy Maker
Color : White
Function : Make cotton candy
Inner container layer : One layer
Inner container material : Safe Plastic
Main material : Food grade PP material (Important)
Heating Principle : Infrared ray carbon tube lighting
Size : Base diameter : 25 cm, Machine height : 25 cm, the top of Disc diameter : 30 cm

Warm notes :
1) This machine is working for normal white suger. It can't work on too tiny white suger. Before make cotton candy, please run the empty machine for 2-3 minutes,
then stop the machine and input about 20g white suger, and turn on the machine again.
And of course, it can make Special color candy from different color sugar.
2) Shut off the machine after it runs 10-15 minutes or made 1-2 cotton candy. Let the machine cool down about 5 minutes.
Then start again. This tips can help keep a longer life of your cotton candy maker.

Package Includes :  

1 x Bunny White Electric Cotton Candy Maker
1 x An Extra Candy Spoon
(Comes with safe power adapter according to you country)
[banggood home appliance category now are all ship safe power adaptor in large 3pin model, 100% fit and safe for power plug connect]

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