Fishing Tool Set Telescopic Fishing Rod With Fishing Reel Fishing Line


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1.Fishing Rod

Type: Telescopic Fishing Rod
Color: Black
Hardness: Superhard
Action: Medium (M)
Length: 3.6m
Position: Freshwater Fishing, Sea Fishing

Length(m) Closed Length (cm) Sections Weight(g) Top Dia (mm) Butt Dia (mm) Material
3.6 44 11 291 2.2 22.5 Carbon

2.Fishing Reel
Ball Bearings: 8
Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
Line capacity(mm/m): 0.25/200,0.30/140,0.35/100

3.Fishing Line
Category:Dyneema PE Braided Wire
Material:Braided Wire
Diameter: 0.16mm
Line Capacity: 10.2kg
Colors:5 colors contained (20m changes a color)

Fishing Rod

This fishing rod is made from carbon fiber, strong and durable.
With the features of good elasticity and strong heavy capacity.
Portable closed length design for conveniently carrying around.
Adjustable length fishing rod for situations where full-size fishing gear is inconvenient.
Best suitable for fishing from the shore, reefs and rocks on trips and vacations.

Fishing Reel
Excellent line lay oscillation system
Unspaced anti-reverse-roration system
Brass Ratch,high-tensile alloyeded gear
Ultra-thin streamline designed body
Interchangeable collapsible metallic handle/CNC handle
Dual slider design
Bicolor metallic body/drop-shaped bicolor body,cover and rating label
The main use of high-strength materials PA66 engineering strong!
Push-button folding handle for easy folding!
Many stalls resistance against the agency.
No amount of vibration wire wheel rotating shell balanced design.
Has a flat and smooth winding results dumped.
Rocker left interchangeable.
Crank reciprocating wiring system.
There is adjustment knob

Fishing Line
There are five colors seperated in 100m PE line,about 20m changes a color
Made of  famous super light Dyneema PE line,which is smooth,no memory and better abrasion resistance, not easy to fuzz
Adopt body armor materials,which is resistant to bite,wearproof, and tolerates hard pull
Extremely strong and amazing for a longer timecasting
Extremely accurate casting ability,helps the anglers to cast a right point with accurate diameter and smoothness
Available for fishing at night as it is easy to be distinguished

Package Includes:
1x Fishing Rod
1x Fishing Reel
1x Fishing Line

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