FY-1379 Money Checker Fake Banknote Counterfeit Currency Detector Pen


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Description :

FY-1379 Money Checker Fake Banknote Detector Pen Counterfeit Currency Detector

These items are convenient for your bank note checking, which are widely applied in office, home, shop and bank. With these portable pens you can easily check any note you suspect.

Features :

1. The unique ink in the Detector Pen identifies notes quickly & easily.
2. Genuine currency : light yellow or clear color mark (the marking will disappear after a few hours)
3. Suspect currency : Brown or Dark mark appears
4. Ideal for testify Bank Notes. These Pens is applied to a suspect Note, which use good ink. when applied to genuine note the ink the color will be dim yellow or clear, however a Fake Note will turn Black/Brown.
5. Works on international paper including:Arjantin Peso, Brezilya Cruziro, ingiltere Pound, Fransa Euro, Almanya Euro, HongKong Dolar, Italya Euro, Japon Yen, Kore Won, Macao Dolar, Malaya Dolar, Yeni Zelanda Dolar, Rusya Ruble, Guney Afrika Rand, Ispanya Peseta, Tayvan NT Dolar, Tayland Baht, A.B.D Dolar.
6. A small UV light in the pen lid :
Simply put the note under the UV light on a dark background, the value of the note will appears in bright red and green in specific area.



Specification :

Color : Purple & Blue optional~
Size : 12cm

Package includes :

1 x FY-1379 Money Checker Fake Banknote Detector Pen

Details pictures :

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