GPX5000 Professional Metal Detector Undeground Gold Digger Treasure Hunter Finder


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Description :
GPX5000 Professional Metal Detector Undeground Gold Digger Treasure Hunter Finder

This GPX5000 Metal Detector is the High Quality Copy Model made in China is a high quality electronic instrument. Incorporating Multi-period sensing (MPS) and Dual Voltage Technology (DVT). This ensures an accurate Ground Balance to provide maximum sensitivity and depth in all ground types. Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) and the latest in high tech analogue components combined with advance digital processing.

Features :

The GPX-5000 is the best military factory-made gold detector, new value-added features that allow users to be more than ever, stronger and more flexible to use. Incorporating new SETA technology, it is quieter, stronger anti-interference ability, so use more comfortable. 
Even if you've never picked up a detector, GPX-5000 has automatic functions and pre-set Search Modes that make you an expert in this field. Mute, louder signals, improved discrimination, and more versatile, allowing GPX-5000 to be the best gold detector.

Fuction :
Ground Balance (GB) Type. Ground Balance Type has three settings. Normal, Specific and GB off. Normal is the preferred setting for most soil types. Specific ground balance is designed to be used in very hot ground. and is especially useful with Mono loop coils. GB off switches the ground balance circuit off for maximum depth in very mild soils. sand etc.

Custom Search Mode. With Custom selected.a range of Custom Search Modes become available from the LCD menu. A mode name picker is also included so you can name your own search modes for different locations and use them for future visits.

Timings. The GPX5000 feature a number of new timings. increasing performance in different conditions.Fine Gold.Salt/Gold and Coin/Relic are now timings for the GPX5000.

Rx Gain. The Rx Gain function sets the overall sensitivity level of your detector. in areas where soil conditions are mild you can increase the Rx Gain. in areas that are more difficult Rx Gain can be reduced.

Motion. The speed at which you sweep the coil has an effect on target response time and Ground Balance adjustment. Matching your preferred coil sweep speed with the corresponding motion setting can reduce noise and improve your ability to pick up taggers at depth.

Response. The Response function allows you to invert the target response. Deep targets can now sound like the more familiar’ rising and falling’ pitch of a shallow target signal.

Stabilizer. This feature allows you to fine tune your audio. in order to obtain the best compromise between smooth operation and clear target signals.
Target Volume. Used to control the built-in amplifier which affects the volume of target signals. It is active with both headphones and an external speaker. Target Volume can also be used to reduce the severity of ground signals.

Specification :  

1.Technology : MPS, DVT & SETA
2.Frequency/Transmission : Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
3.Coil (standard) : 11" double coils
4.Audio Output : 6.35mm(1/4")headphone/ speaker jack.
5.Headphones Supplied : famous brand headphones.
6.Visual Display : 64 x 128 pixels, transflective with backlight.
7.Sensitivity Adjust : Rx Gain 1 to 20.
8.Tune / Noise Cancel : Automatic & Manual 0 to 255.
9.Battery : Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 68Wh. Approx. 8-12 Hours use.
10.Length : 1100mm(43.3")to 1300mm (51.2"). 

11. Detector Depth : 1.5 – 3.5m
12. Signal Frequency : 9.6kHz Audio Frequency : 400Hz
13. Power Supply : DC12V(Built-in rechargeable battery)
14. Power Consumption : 0.8W, Connecting Rod Length: 1.3m

Application :

Package includes :  

1 x GPX5000 Professional Metal Detector
1 x Full accessories set accoring to the following picture show 🙂
Details pictures :  

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