LED Strip Accessories L-Shape Clip Clamp For SMD 5050 3528 3014 Strip Light


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Color: White
Material: High Quality PE
Weight: About 15g
Demension: 45mm(Width) X 135mm(Length)

*Available for SMD 5050 3528 3014 led strip light.
*Suitable for home, shopping malls, marketplace, hotel use.
*Easy to install, light uniformity.
*Use location such as Ceiling light tank, walls,ect.

Specific installation methods for ceiling light tank within strip light:
*Light tank space is small, can not be fixed with screws, this clamp can installation without fixation
1.Put the strip light into the light tank.
2.Put a clamp in the light tank corner position, then put the strip light buckle into the clamp.
3.The inner edge of the clamp close to the corner of the light tank,strip light between the two corners gently tighten.
  Make catches against the light tank corner, straighten the strip light, the light-emitting surface should be facing up.
4.If the distance is too long intermediate twist, shouuld cut the straight clamp to installation.
5.Strip light with a reel packaging,it will distort seriously with cold weather.
  If the strip light not easy to fix,hold down the clamp with heavy objects, after a few days remove heavy objects.

kindly reminder:
1.This product uses the PE raw materials, have excellent low-temperature toughness and insulation, non-toxic and tasteless.
2.PE material itself has a large shrinkage, a slight deformation of the product, it will not affect normal use.
3.A rectangular room takes about 4-6 clamps, a backdrop wall takes about 3-4 clamps, long distance a few more better.

Package Included:
1 X LED Strip Light Clamp

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