LN-BT02 Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module


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LN-BT02 Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module


Bluetooth stereo dual speakers,pairing with a Bluetooth phone or computer,can wirelessly listen to music,but also as a wireless phone hands-free calling. Supported operating  volume up/down and play / pause. Bluetooth devices after successful connection,when again open the Bluetooth will automatically connect .
Product design parts layout, smart stereo Bluetooth receiver.
Bluetooth core using high quality chips, built-in enhanced signal transmission circuit.Bluetooth receiver stable, built ANC echo cancellation and AEC  noise cancellation circuit. Handsfree no echo and noise.

Technical Reference:

Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth V4.0 + EDR
Transmission power: CLASS2
Bluetooth protocol: HFP V1.5 A2DP (1.1), AVCRP1.3
Hands-free agreement: 1.6
Transmission distance: 15M
Power supply voltage: 3.6-30V
Frequency response: 80Hz-22KHz
SNR: >80dB
Output power: >600mV
Stereo separation level:> 50dB
Channel balance: <2dB

Package included:

1 x LN-BT02 Stereo Smart 4.0 Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module

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