Micro+Standard+Nano Sim Card Adapters+Eject Pin Key For Smartphone


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Nano sim adapter can convert your nano sim card to micro sim card and standard sim card,then you can use one nano sim card in all mobile devices
Color: White,Black 
Fit for Apple for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C /Galaxy S3 4 and other smartphones
Note: these sim card adapter with back block film
Micro SIM Adapter
1.One SIM card available on all devices
2.Needless to pay Double Date fees
3.So convenient! One step is ok
SIM Card Needle
1. Insert one end of the SIM Card Needle into the cato rack in the SIM slot,push it downward till the brackets popup
2. Pull out the SIM cato frame and place SIM card in it. As shown in figure.
3. Keep SIM card and bracket parallel,put the SIM card on the top,and carefull return it to the bracket

Package includes
1 x Nano to sim card        
1 x Nano to micro card       
1 x micro sim adapter 
1 x Eject Pin Key

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