Mini Infrared Remote Control Light Fish YQ88198-1


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Mini Infrared Remote Control Flash Lamp Fish YQ88198-1


Name: Light Fish
Model: YQ88198-1
Weight: 210g
Material: Plastic
Size: 9.5 * 5.5 * 10cm
Box size: 17.5 * 15 * 12cm
Suitable for ages: 3 years old above
Instructions for use: The remote control uses two AAA batteries; robot uses three button batteries.
Battery configuration: AAA battery is not is equipped with; button batteries there are is equipped with.


1) Button controlled, it is convenient to operate.
2) Infrared remote control simulation light fish toy.
3) You can use transmitter easily control its action like forward, backward and lighting.
4) Open the ON/OFF switch on its body and put your hands on the transmitter and you can start this interesting game.

Package included:

1 x Light Fish

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