Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board + AD / DA Shield Module For Raspberry Pi B+ And Arduino


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Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board + AD / DA Shield Module For Raspberry Pi B+ And Arduino

Cascading And Overlapping Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi B+


1. It's the basic board for some sensor and other modules, it's designed to raspberry pi b+. Based on the expansion board, we will develop more sensor and other modules
2. Cascading and overlapping
3. With SPI, UART (serial) interface, easy DIY
4. Output 5V/500mA
5. With power LED 

AD / DA Shield Module For Raspberry Pi And Arduino


AD / DA analog digital-analog-digital conversion module, compact, simple interface using the I2C interface, compatible with 3.3V / 5V level, it applies to the vast majority of the market development board. Single Supply, Low Power 8 COMS type A / D, D / A converter chip PCF8591, has 4 analog input channels, one analog output channels and an I2C bus interface. The device I2C slave address by A0, A1 Address jumpers decision, so no additional hardware, same below a I2C bus can connect up to four different types of devices. The chip also has a multi-channel analog inputs, keep track of on-chip 8-bit A / D converter and 8-bit D / A conversion. A / D and the maximum conversion rate of D / A is determined by the maximum transmission rate of the I2C bus


Operating voltage: 3.3 V or 5 V
Interface: I2C
Single power supply, the normal operating supply voltage range of 2.5V ~ 6V;
Input / output I2C bus to complete the data, compatible 3.3V / 5V level
The device address is determined by the two address pins, the largest cascade four modules
4-channel analog inputs programmable as single-ended or differential inputs;
8 successive approximation A / D converter; channel number can be configured to automatically increase the conversion function; keep track of on-chip functions;
Multiplication with one analog output D / A conversion.
Support multiple cascade interface, can be used independently, but also with the restaurant's multifunction sensor board to use a variety of programs diy
provide Raspberry Pi and arduino test routines

Package included:

1 x Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi B+ 
1 x AD / DA Shield Module
(Not included Raspberry Pi B+)

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