Opening Pry Tool Set Spudger Tweezers Nylon Plastic Opener Kit


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Description :
Opening Pry Tool Set Spudger Tweezers Nylon Plastic Opener Kit

This eight piece pry tool electronics opener kit is designed for opening cases and assisting throughout the repair of smart phones and other electronic devices.  
It includes four nylon pry tools, a vinyl "long board" tool, an ultra thin metal PRYTECH PRO, thick metal spatula pry tool and round tip ESD tweezers.
Nylon is a non-abrasive, yet durable material.  
It makes the tools effective at prying open electronics cases without scratching or marring their surface.  

The resilient properties of nylon also the tools maintain their shape.  
The PRYTECH PRO is a thin metal pry tool, ideal for screen separation and wedging between other extraordinarily tight spaces.  
The thick metal spatula is best used for separating parts that are glued together by the manufacturer and generally require more leverage.
 It's also useful for scraping off any glue that's leftover after separation.Features and Specifications

Package includes :  
Set of eight opener tools for electronics repair :
Includes nylon pry tools, vinyl long board, PRYTECH PRO, metal spatula/scraper & ESD tweezers
Pry Tool Length (Dual Head, Black) : 6 in. / 150 mm
Pry Tool Length (Hook End, Green) : 4.75 in. / 120 mm
Pry Tool Length (Long Board) : 5.5 in. / 138 mm
Metal Spudger Length : 4.85 in. / 123 mm
Details pictures :  

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