Pole Head Dual SIM Cards Cuttter Caliper For Smartphone


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Two heads of steel materials with good quality, even if the cut card thousand million times heads are intact.
Pole design can be quickly cut into nano SIM card and micro SIM card.
Ergonomic shape with a circular-shaped design, nice, mellow feel, internally and externally.
1 Ordinary SIM card cut micro SIM card (like iphone4 card)
2 Would micro SIM card (like iphone4 card) cut nano SIM card (like iphone5 card) 
3 Ordinary SIM card cut iphone5 card requires two steps: SIM card -> micro SIM card -> nano SIM card

Will need to cut the SIM card is fully inserted into the correct slot orientation, attention must be fully inserted into it in place, then both hands cut card "quick hard" close, cut the card is complete, please note the "fast hard "," a close in the end, "cut out of the edge of the card so neat.

Package Include:
1 X Pole Head Multifunctional SIM Cards Cuttter Caliper
1 X Recovery Card Sets 

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