Raspberry Pi Model B+ + Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board


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Raspberry Pi Model B+ + Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board

Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB RAM Project Module Board Made In UK


More expansion interface :
Now extended interface to the 40pin, before 26 definitions remain the same as before , which means you've purchased a seamless extension board can still be used.
More USB interface:
Now with four USB2.0 interface, providing a better response to hot-swap overload performance ( thermal tall USB device no longer causes sent restart ! )
Micro SD Interface:
Use Micro SD card slot, SD card slot before a big holds many lessons to be replaced with a Micro SD card slot.
Lower power consumption:
Linear power supplies more efficient switch mode power supply instead of before , the power consumption is reduced by about 0.5W ~ 1W.
Better sound quality :
Better audio circuitry uses a low-noise power supply.
Simple appearance :
Tower has four USB cable and PCB edge alignment , the CVBS video output moved 3.5mm jack , an increase of 4 to locate the mounting holes .
Broadcom BCM2835 700MHz ARM1176JZFS with FPU processor , quad-core GPU processors
GPU supports Open GL ES 2.0, OpenVG hardware acceleration , 1080p30 H.264 HD decoding
GPU bandwidth of 1Gpixel / s, 1.5Gtexel / s or 24GFLOPs DMA analytical texture
512 MB RAM
Support Micro SD card to boot Linux operating system, such as Fedora
10/ 100 Ethernet LAN
HDMI Interface
USB 2.0 interface x 4
Micro SD card slot
Micro USB interface, power supply
3.5 mm audio output interface
Camera Pin Interface
Dimensions : 85 x 56 x 17 mm

Cascading And Overlapping Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi B+


1. It's the basic board for some sensor and other modules, it's designed to raspberry pi b+. Based on the expansion board, we will develop more sensor and other modules
2. Cascading and overlapping
3. With SPI, UART (serial) interface, easy DIY
4. Output 5V/500mA
5. With power LED 

Package included:

1 x Model B+ 512MB ARM Project Module Board
1 x Multi-Function Sensor Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi B+

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