REDRAGON Mammoth Backlight Gaming Mouse 16400DPI Laser Wired Game Mouse


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From the current mouse market is roughly divided into two categories, category is the laptop users, office users as the main group of wireless mouse. Another kind is game players as the main group of wired mouse game. But as the game industry growing and development of the mouse has received more and more the attention of the user, but the early games mouse is by foreign some big brand occupy the market, in recent years at home and abroad set manufacturers also began to attach importance to the research and development and production of the game peripherals, and at that time the domestic game peripherals brands like spring appeared in people's field of vision.
Speaking of the Chinese dragon is the animal won't strange, we were called the descendants of the dragon, the dragon in Chinese mythology is powerful gods sacred, red is more noble auspicious color, domestic game peripherals brand red dragon the meaning of the name also is so, it symbolizes the red dragon brand in the supreme position of peripherals industry.
Taken the unique three side key Fire key nine unique custom buttons 5 kinds of user mode
Red dragon mammoth laser game on the back of the mouse wheel design the DPI switch button, with different switching DPI will emit light of five different colors, the DPI switch has no fixed value, players can drive the mouse and adjust the need to switch DPI values. We see on the mouse the left key also designed a red button, the button was known as the fire button, can realize the function of the combo in the game.
Red dragon mammoth laser mouse game design total 10 key nine players can be set through the mouse driver from definition programming function you need. Red dragon mammoth laser design the mode switch button on the bottom of the mouse game, the player can set in the mouse driver to use five different patterns, by the mode switch key choose different patterns in different situation to use.

Mouse size: 121mm×81mm×41mm
Weight: 155g
Cable length: 180cm
Scanning speed: 150ips/sec
Acceleration: 30g
Max scanning frequency: 12000 FPS
Case material: ABS
Key-press Bounce: 150g±20g
Switch lifetime: 10000000 time
Revolution: 1000/2000/4000/8200/16400 CPI switch

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1 * Red Dragon Mammoth Backlight Gaming Mouse

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