RK RC930 104 Keys Electrostic Capacitive Programable Gaming keyboard 45g 55g for Your Choi


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RK RC930 104 Keys Electrostic Capacitive Programable Gaming keyboard 45g 55g for Your Choice

Note: this keyboard is 104 keys keyboard, the picture in the description is 87 keys,
place an order for it, we would send you a 104 keys keyboard.

function and setting is the same as 87 keys keyboard


Capacitive keyboard

"In this type of keyboard, pressing the key changes the capacitance of a pattern of capacitor pads. Unlike "dome switch" keyboards, the pattern consists of two D-shaped capacitor pads for each switch, printed on a printed circuit board (PCB) and covered by a thin, insulating film of soldermask which plays the role of a dielectric. The mechanism of capacitive switches is very simple, compared to mechanical ones. Its movable part is ended with a flat foam element (of dimensions near to a tablet of Aspirin) finished with aluminium foil below. The opposite side of the switch is a PCB with the capacitor pads.

When a key is pressed, the foil tightly clings to the surface of the PCB, forming a daisy chain of two capacitors between contact pads and itself separated with thin soldermask, and thus "shorting" the contact pads with an easily detectable drop of capacitive reactance between them. Usually this permits a pulse or pulse train to be sensed. The keys do not need to be fully pressed to be fired on, which enables some typists to work faster."

—–From Wikipedia

Electrostatic Capacitive Switch
N-key rollover support
Mute design with a soft click
Ergonomic design
All keys programmable
RGB Blacklight

Brand RK
Model RC930
Type Capacitive Keyboard
key 104 keys
Color White
Application of special keys 6 keys no rollover,and NKRO for your switch
(6 keys no rollover would be more stable)
Keycaps ABS
Key Travel 2mm or 3mm for adjust
programme funtion All key could be programmed
others FN+F8:CAPSLOCK and CTRL switch
FN+F11: WIN Block
Dimensions 367x140x41mm

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