SAHOO Uv 400 Protection Bicycle Riding Sunglasses Glasses Windproof


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SAHOO Uv 400  Protection Bicycle Riding Cycling Sunglasses Bicycle Windproof  Colorful Glasses And Viewed Sports Tactics Dazzle Colour Glasses Goggles Outdoor Equipment

Brand: SAHOO
Weight: 100g
Color: transparent,yellow,orange,biue
Material: polycarbonate lenses + anti-fog scratch coating

1.Will be the unique anti-fog coating technologies into the lens material, external use high friction treatment, hd, prevent from scratching
2.Uv protection, blu-ray and other harmful rays
3.The unique design of the senses, stick with eye curve, ensure no deformation field of vision, greatly improve the effect of wind
4.PC material, super light, and light extrasensory experience for you. Extremely soft nose, not falling, supporting effect is very good
5.Give fastens with color, impact resistant glasses box, convenient onboard

Product Maintenance:
Don’t use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the lens, to avoid surface broken. And don’t maintain the sunglasses in such bad environment of high temperature or long time damp,to avoid deformation
The lens of RockBros Sports Sunglasses is of high technology coating, so regular cleaning maintenance by water is suggested, to make sure good quality could be kept and life time extended

Package included:
1 x cycling glasses
1 x anti-pressure glasses case
1 x glasses cloth

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