Shoulder Support Strap Retaining Strap Neoprene Brace Injury


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Neoprene Brace Dislocation Injury Arthritis Pain Magnetic Shoulder Support Strap

Material: SBR
Color: Black
Compatibility: for adults (both men and women)

A good choice for those who need to improve their health by protecting their shoulders
Suitable for those who easily feel cold
Suitable for those who need to keep warm
Made from SBR, strong and duable
Fits for both left and right shoulder
Suitable for those who (like the old and the pregnant) are sensitive to the change of temperature
Suitable for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis and other joint diseases
Suitable for those who like outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and exploration as well as athletes and fashionable ladies
Suitable for those who work in the areas of freezing, aquatic processing, argriculture, fishery, architecture, etc
Useful where complete support and protection is needed
Ideal for the healing and prevention of sporting injuries
One size fits for all. (Both man and women, not including children.)
This Shoulder Support Strap is suitable for Sprains, Strains, Dislocation Shoulder and Arthritis Pain, which can protect your shoulder from injury, coldness and pain

Package Includes:
1x Shoulder Support Strap Set

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