Shuttle COINS (Gold Shell) Magic Tricks Props


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Shuttle COINS (Gold Shell) Magic Tricks Props


One coin the multilayer in the box was transferred to pocket.
1, Put the coin in the circular hole, tie the transparent slice up with rubber bands.
2, Wrap the box up with handkerchief.
3, Hold the middle of the box with your right hand, press on the handkerchief with your left hand.
4, Press the box hard your right hand, the coin will slide out from gap into your palm.
5, Let hand palm the coin, hand the handkerchief to audience with your right hand. ask audience to tie a knot.
6, Audience hold the handkerchief, magician use some magic, ask audience to open it, she will find the coin vanished.
7, Take the coin out with your left hand hand, actually, the coin is always in your left hand. Don't let the audience see it.
Material: Plastic & Cloth
Cloth size: Approx. 17.3cm X 13.8cm
Box size:4.8cm X4.8cm
Complete with written instructions
Package included:
1X Box
1X Red cloth
1X Instruction Manual

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