Supereyes B003+ 300X Portable USB Digital Microscope for RC Model


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Supereyes B003+ 300X Portable USB Digital Microscope for RC Model

Supereyes super eye microscope USES LED strips light: use a soft PCB substrate, high brightness SMD LED as light source, light evenly arranged in the strip PCB, positive use waterproof connectors are connected, delicate and cabinet, after light crystal crystal clear.Long life, small volume, easy to mass production, easy to mass production, is mainly used in automotive lighting, disadvantages: if the manual small batch production is not easy, need more automation equipment
The male USES straw hat led lamp: thick is ordinary leds is also a male die usually say eight leds into led light-emitting diodes, handmade is more convenient, price cheap, USES a very wide range especially for the children toys for shape like a straw hat, so its name.Disadvantages: large volume, heat dissipation performance is not good, easy to droop, than patch lamp as long service life.


Baby models: B003 + (silver)
Baby category: Supereyes eye digital microscope
Magnification: 1/10-300 – x
Pixel: hardware 2 million pixels,1600*1200,640*480,320*240
Resolution: 1600 * 1200640 * 1200640 * 480320 software (optional)
Accessories: facial features detection fittings, telescoping tripod
Focus: manual focusing
Support the operating system: support 32-bit and 64 – bit operating system: Windows7/Xp/Vista/Mac OS/Linux
Software features: photo, video, measurement, add text, graphics, software does not support MAC
Photo: software drive-by-wire pictures or the camera, shake function
Long video: high compression ratio;3.6 GB / 11 hours
Image formats: JPEG.Video formats: WMV/DZC
Image speed: 1600 * 1200 10 frames per second
640 * 480 30 frames per second

Measurement tools: length, Angle, radian
Product size: 11 mm x 126 mm
Light source: high brightness LED lights, brightness is adjustable
Interface: USB2.0
Weight: 400g

Gauge of enlarged, each a small case of 0.5 mm:

The large PCB circuit boards:

Fabric has been enlarged picture:

A human hair have been enlarged picture:

Mobile phone screen enlarged picture (turn off the lights of the microscope, light the lights of the mobile phone screen itself, can avoid the phenomenon of reflective) :

Supereyes software can be used in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Xp, such as Linux operating system.Supereyes software have shake photograph, super long video function, can magnify objects by measuring the actual distance between two points (length), arc length (arc), the point of view, add text.Read the display data, video video.

Package Includes:

1 x Supereyes B003+ USB digital microscope
1 x Portable tripod
2 x Reflector with a focusing ring
1 x Large focusing cap
2 x Small focusing cap
2 x Ear tip with a focusing ring
2 x Ear pick with focusing ring
1 x CD with software

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