SW-S11 150W 2 Way 240V/110V Step Down/Up Voltage Converter Power Transformer


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Description :
SW-S11 150W 2 Way 240V/110V Step Down/Up Voltage Converter Power Transformer Heavy Duty

User Manual :
1. Country such as USA, Japanese, whose household voltage is AC100-120V, please turn left to AC-117V, then you can use device which is 200-240V.
2. Country such as Australia, whose household voltage is AC220-240V, please turn right to AC-230V, then you can use device which is AC100-120V.

Features :

1. High capacity with a 150W output(Max), not suitable for appliance over 150W power consumption.
2. High quality product with CCC & CE certificates, portable, practical and durable.
3. Designed for US electric appliance standard.
4. 2 ways transformer (from 220V to 110V or 110V to 220V, it enables you to use 110V USA appliance in Australia or to use 240V Australia appliance in USA when traveling)
5. Default AC INPUT is 220~240V, but please make sure the switch is in correct place before you plug it in socket.
6. Electronic straining wave, no exchange sound.
7. Have this Power Converter, you can use your appliance(s) in any country and place and you don’t need to worry at all.

Specifications :

Color : white
Plug : US plug
Power : 150W(Max), Heavy Duty
Input : AC220/240V 50/60Hz ~ Output : AC100/120V 50/60Hz
Input : AC100/120V 50/60Hz ~ Output : AC220/240V 50/60Hz
Size : 10.5 x 6.5 x x 7.2cm
Package size : 10.7 x 6.7 x 8.2cm

Note : Do not dial the wrong switch to use.

Package includes :  

1 x SW-S11 2 Way 240V/110V Voltage Converter
Details pictures :  

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