Three-axis Acceleration Sensor Module


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Three-axis Acceleration Sensor Module


DMARD03 providing X, Y, Z, T triaxial + -3g accurate temperature information output. Also provides two sets of INT (interrupt) pin allows software designers to use so that the acceleration change for different states are easier to control and use. Provides three status judgment mechanism for use (1) Freefall Interrupt (2) Click Interrupt (3) High-g Interrupt

Product application:

Human interface, such as the PS3 and Wii handle and AirMouse, PC – Game handle
Free fall detection: such as hard disk protection
Handheld device orientation function (Tilt sensing): such as mobile phone/tablet/ebook screen automatically reverse
Navigation, electronic compass: such as smartphones electronic compass, location-based services, GPS dead reckoning

Package included:

1 x Three-axis Acceleration Sensor Module

I2C wiring methods:

SPI wiring methods:

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