Trustfire TR-011 Digital Smart USB Battery Charger 2slots


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Product name: Trustfire TR-011 Digital Smart Charger
Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃ 
Storage temperature: 0℃-70℃ 
Compatible battery: Li-ion:26650,22650,18650,18500,18350,14500,16340 
Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 
Output:DC 12V 1A 
Output:DC 4.2V±0.02V 0.50A±30mA*2 1.0A ±50mA*2 
Output:DC 1.48V 0.50A±30mA*2 1.0A ±50mA*2

-Micro-computer control technology,achieve two independent slots intelligently, support mixed charging mode. 
-Using the charge mode of constant current, constant voltage. 
-Use-DV control technology, with higher charging efficiency. 
-LCD display current charge situation, current battery voltage and current charging current and Charged battery capacity. 
-Suitable for rechargeable battery which diameter shorter than 26mm and height about 34-70mm , compatible any combination with 1.2V and 3.7V cylindrical battery. 
-Suitable for 12v car adaptor. 
-Charging current can be 0.50A or 1.00A,Under the Capacity grading mode, Discharge Current could be 0.25A or 0.50A (for batteries with different capacity). 
-With Reverse protection and Short-circuit protection (not show battery and current voltage). 
-Automatic activation function: Auto-activation "zero voltage" lithium battery (with instantaneous short-circuit protection). 
-Not suitable for battery under 0.5V, or the voltage and capacity of battery would not be displayed on the LCD, but shows "NULL". 
-With 5V output, and can be used as a mobile power (put into the lithium-ion battery, and start the USB output). 
-With a buzzer, and there will be a beep after accomplishment of every charging and discharging with any slot.

Package included:
1 x Trustfire TR-011 Digital Smart Charger
1 x Charging Cable
1 x adapter for your country

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