TSA Resettable 4 Digit Combination Travel Bag Luggage Suitcase Lock Padlock


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Description :

TSA Resettable 4 Digit Dial Combination Travel Luggage Suitcase Safe Code Lock

Features :

4 digit dials combination code lock, apply to travel luggage bags, cases or other lockable zips.
Accepted and recognized by TSA (the Transportation Security Administration).

Allows TSA screeners to inspect and re-lock luggage, without damaging the lock.
Small volume and light weight, easy to carry, best choice for your luggage on trips.
The combination can be easily set and reset.

Specifications :

Material : metal
Color : Bright Red Rose  Red / Pink Blue Sliver Black

How to set the passwords :

The original number is 0-0-0-0. Here are the steps for setting your own combination:
1. Pull up the shackle.
2. Rotate the shackle 90 degree counterclockwise, and make the shackle fall into the designed gap.
3. Set your own combination by turning the dials to the convex line.
4. Turn the shackle back as normal. Then the setting is completed.
5. Dial your numbers to the convex line, pull the shackle to open.
6. Insert the shackle and scramble the numbers to lock.
7. To reset a new combination, please repeat step 1 to 4 above. Please remember your new combination.

Package includes :

1 x 4 Digits Combination Luggage Lock(Bright Red Rose  Red / Pink Blue Sliver Blackfor optional~)

Details pictures :

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