VK1612U7M3 Vehicle Mounted Driving Record GPS Module


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VK1612U7M3 Vehicle Mounted Driving Record GPS Module


Single side table, secondary SMT program, and the application of fast
Manufactured lead-free technology, in line with RoHS standard
The KDS 0.5 PPM high-precision TCXO
Satellite quality control: rich set of satellite quality control and prevent the elegant software Settings

  Name  Description
Chip  ARK ARK668
General  Frequency  L1,1575.42MHz
C/A Code  1.023MHz chip rate
Channel  24
Accuracy  Location  < 10 m ( Independent positioning)
< 5 m (WAAS)
< 2.5 m (DGPS)
Speed  0.1 m/s
Time 1μs
Sensitivity  catch  -147dBm
tracking  -161dBm
Coordinate system Default  WGS-84
Other Can choose other coordinate system

Time to First Fix 
(Requirements of outdoor empty place or a fixed position)

To capture An average of 0.1 seconds
CyberArticle  < 1 second
Hot start  < 1 second
Warm start  < 37 second
Cool start  < 39 second
Dynamic condition Height  < 18000 m
Speed  <515m/s
ACC  <4g
Supply main power supply Lowest 3.0 V (Recommend )
Highest  3.3 V
Power consumption  ≈100mW
(continuous operation )
Current  ≈40mA
Interface Serial  Full speed TTL Serial
Protocol  NMEA0183
Pulse  Level  TTL
pulse period  25ns

Package included:

1 x VK1612U7M3 Vehicle Mounted Driving Record GPS Module

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