Voice Blue backlight LED Clock


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Voice Blue backlight LED Clock


1, the normal time display: time, date (from 2000 to 2099), week, temperature, and to achieve 12/24 hour conversion.
2, alarm clock and snooze function: to set the daily alarm and alarm music selection (of eight), but also can open the snooze function. 3, world time function: display world time and local time with the screen, you can 16 cities are set to local time.
4, timer display: You can set reverse time, time range 23: 59-00: 00, when the time reaches a predetermined time, there will be alarm prompt.
5, the temperature mode: automatically detects the ambient temperature, the normal measurement range is set to 0 ℃ -50 ℃ (or 32F-122F), in a normal state, press ℃ / F key, you can achieve Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion.
6, a variety of text display: week showed seven different text options to facilitate more people worldwide use this product.
7, voice-activated backlight: Press LIGHT button to turn on or off the backlight, but also by gently tapping the table, or touch any part of the machine body, or in one meter shot from inside the product can turn on the backlight palm, easy night viewing time, the backlight turns off automatically after a delay of 5 seconds.


1, put on battery, display full brightness 2 seconds to enter the normal time display status, power play 10 seconds of music, while the back light lit.
2. In the normal display mode, press "MODE" button, in the following order to enter its respective function modes: normal time display status displays the status of world time alarm settings to set the display state
3. In normal time display state, the display shows the "TIME" mark is displayed, press ▲ 12/24 keys can be 12/24 hour conversion.
4, in the normal time display mode, press ▼ C / F key to achieve Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion. Normal measurement range of 0 ℃ -50 ℃ (or 32F-122F).
5, in the alarm state, the display shows the ALARM sign is displayed by ▲ 12/24 key and ▼ C / F button to turn on or turn off the alarm symbol "((()))" and snooze function flag "SNOOZE" .
6, in the world time status display world time and local time by pressing ▲ 12/24 key and C / F key to browse the world's 16 time zones on behalf of the World Time cities, press "SET" button, you can select any time zone It represents the time of the city and set it to local time.
7, in the timer status display shows the "TIMER" sign is displayed, press the "SET" button and press the 12/24 key and with ▼ C / F key, you can set back the timing of the time, the reverse timing range 23: 59-0: 00. When the time reaches the preset time 0:00:00, this fairy will alarm prompt one minute, while 0:00 on the screen: 00 will stop flashing.
8, in the above various states, if no key is pressed within 1 minute, the unit will automatically reserves already set a good data and return to normal time display.
9 Set Range: 1-12 or 0-23, divided into 0-59, years 2000-2099, January 1-12, 1-31 day, week provided 7 languages ​​available, namely, : English-ENG, Dutch-NED, Portuguese-POR, Spanish-ESP, Italian-ITA, German-DEU, French-FRA.
10, while the set date, week by the MON to SUN (default: English) automatically change accordingly.
11, in the setting mode, alarm music world music and a total of six two different "Didi" sound to choose from.

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