Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm IR Infrared Detector 2 Remote Control


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Description :

Wireless Motion Sensor IR Infrared Detector Burglar 2 Remote Home Security Alarm

This Security Infrared Remote Sensor Alarm is able to provide you multi-angle adjustable, keep wide range detection. Prevent children or pets losing, purse or baggage being stolen and valuable things leaving somewhere

Features :

1. Wireless, infrared detector, motion-activated
2. Accurate identification, 5s owner identification delay alarm
3. Long-range multi-channel wireless remote control
4. Adjustable mounting unit
5. Include 2 direct infrared remote controls; please use it directly facing to the sensor

Specifications :

1. Alarm sound level : 105dB (decibels)
2. Remote control distance : about 0-4 meters (open land)
3. Detection range : 0-4 meters distance
4. Working voltage : DC 6V
5. The motion detector power by 4 AA batteries (not included)
6. The remote controller power by 3 AG13 batteries(included)
7. Size : You can see the details in the pictures
8. Color : White

Installation requirements :
1. Warning devices on the remote control infrared range of protection should be able to look straight can not have obstacles.
2. Install warning devices should be avoided near infrared heat source, such as hot and cold air outlet, air conditioning vent, heater, cooler, etc, to avoid the straight door.
3. There should be 10 to 30 degree angle between the wall and remote control infrared warning devices; you can adjust the detection distances according to actual installation angle.
4. Warning devices as remote control infrared lens in the human lateral movement relative to the most sensitive infrared detection, and vertical motion sensitivity is poor, so the installation should pay attention to the angle between the horizontal and height detectors, which have great impact protection area.

How to use :
1. Turn the power switch, power indicator twinkle 1 time, said the self-test is normal.
2. The detector standby for 10s,you have to leave its detective area in 10s
3. After 10s,if there is someone coming into the detective area,it will delay for 5s giving you opportunity to show that you are the owner by using the remote controller. After 5s,it will buzz for 30s if it do not receive any signal.
4.You can shut the buzz down by using the remote controller

Package includes :

1 x Infrared detector
2 x Remote controllers
1 x Adjustable mounting unit

Details pictures :

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